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onsdag 31 oktober 2007

Send me a letter...

full of colours.

Kit: Birches of sweden with HZ Design at k-joi studios

tisdag 30 oktober 2007


Colourful birches - photo from Rosa

Kit: Birches of sweden with HZ Design at k-joi studios

torsdag 25 oktober 2007

Wild animals of Sweden

The beaver is very shy and its not so often that you really can spot one. But its very common you can se their work in the river, at the strolling area.

Thank you ROSA for the pics.

Beaver work

Kit: Last summer days with Mistica Design at scrapgirls

fredag 19 oktober 2007

Leisure time

Leisure time – fishing and picking blueberries

Many thanks to my sister ROSA for one of the photos.
ROSAS blog;

Digitkit; Rina – Gone Fishing

torsdag 18 oktober 2007


I´ve tried to put more elements on my LO´s but I can´t
really find the way to do it. The only thing to do is to try and try and try...

DigiKit; TCasey - Yellow flowers
Elements; Summer chic

onsdag 17 oktober 2007

Single leaf

A single leaf on the tree - left in the wind.

DigiKit; vka - my first flower

True colours

The fog is gone and the nature can again show its true colours.
It´s great when the autumnsun shines on all the colours of the season.

DigKit: TKing - heading north

tisdag 9 oktober 2007

Lost in the fog

One day, last week it came in fog from the sea.
I hurried out and took some pictures because it´s
very rare that the fog is so thick.

I got some nice foggy pictures.

Have it great until next time.

tisdag 2 oktober 2007

Autumn in North Sweden

The Autumn has arrived to my part of the world.
We had a marveluos weather with bright sky, sun
and little cold.

I went on a photojogg and took some pictures.


The sleepy dog

New lipstick

DigitalKit; Endless love by Mistica Designs at

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